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1. Hang The Bouquet Upside Down to Air Dry

This is the traditional way to dry your flowers. Simply hang the bouquet upside down for a few weeks in a warm, dry place.

Drying them in the dark will preserve their colour and scent as much as possible. Remember, your flowers have to be fresh when you start drying them! Don't wait till when the flowers are starting to wilt.


2. Keep Them In a Vase


Gently unwrap the bouquet and put them in a vase filled with tap water. Change out the water every 2 days or when the water turns cloudy and keep them in a cool shady area away from direct sunlight. 

3. Care for Boxed Flowers

To keep your flower bloom box looking fresh for a longer period of time, keep your flowers out of direct sunlight and heat. Add drops of water in between the arrangement daily. 

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