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Once and Floral Singapore



Hi I'm Jin Wen, an art director by day, and a florist by night.


I've always loved handicrafts as they fill me with a sense of satisfaction when I see the fruits of my labour. This led me to picking up floristry classes so that I could DIY my wedding bouquet and decor.


It was a fun experience, and friends began approaching me to create flower bouquets for them as well. It was then that I realized I had come to fall in love with the whole process of working with beautiful flowers and bringing joy to others!


It was with this revelation that I decided to blossom this dream that is Once and Floral. I believe that flowers hold the key to happiness, and it is especially so when they are created just for a special someone. That is why I adopted this philosophy of creating bespoke floral arrangements for weddings, celebrations or just about any occasion.


Don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to surprise someone with the gift of flowers, and I'll help you bring your ideas to life with equal parts of fun and colours along the way!

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